Today’s SEO Episode on: “What is the latest link building strategy for a brand new website in 2018?”

I’m giving you a rundown of my step-by-step link building strategy that I use for brand new websites.
Of course, this strategy isn’t going to be for every single website and needs to be optimized around your specific site

But regardless it’s still a really powerful technique that I’ve used to rank websites into the hundreds of
thousands of visitors per month.

So the only further ado let’s jump into it.

Before we actually get into the current strategy that I’m using and have been using several months and how to rank
brand new sites we’re first of all ask yourself a few questions:

How many links can my domain handle?

Generally, when you’re looking at this, you’re going to have to have a look at domain age.

Have you got a pre-existing domain? Have you bought an aged domain? Is it an expired domain or is it a fresh

Generally, for a fresh and expired domain, it’s going to take a little bit longer approach to be able to build out links.

You know probably building like one link or two links a day maximum.

You can’t do the ten links or so in one day that I have done in the past with a pre-existing authoritative
and aged domain.

You have to also look at the existing links that are already on there.

In case, you want to have a look at how much anchor text your page or your domain has already.

As always have to look at your competitor’s links to your competitors have active links.

People doing profiles to actually continually build links every month or every week
without knowing what kind of links do they actually need.

What kind of links should I be building?

You need to build white-hot backlinks you need to a blackout backlinks or maybe a bit of both
is this a client website is it an e-commerce website that you own is it an
affiliate website what kind of links are
your competitors using and what will it
take to outrank those competitors as
well as what aunt sex would you be using
this is probably the most important one
if your domain has pre-existing links
then make sure to kind of analyze and
work out in terms of the percentage
ratios how many how much percent of the
anchor sex ratios is currently taking up
by branded terms other terms etc and
then to actually gauge what kind of bank
sex you should be using when building
your link building campaigns you want to
have a look at what kind of anchor sex
ratios you’re sick
cessful competitors have got on their
websites so essentially just go to a
chaps or majestic export their links and
then do some quick math in Excel to
figure out what kind of sex ratios
they’re using obviously it’s not going
to be completely accurate when you do it
with a chips and majestic but if you
kind of combined all those linked
checking data together it should be
pretty accurate in terms of what access
ratios they’re actually using now in
terms of my actual link building
strategy I’ve been using this now for
over a year to actually rank some pretty
big websites as you’ll see on the Left I
have a four month old website which is
just grown and grown and grown a HS
obviously isn’t completely accurate in
terms of what actual traffic you’re
getting the start on the left
realistically actually does more like
500 600 visits a month now under start
on the right realistically actually does
more like 28,000 visits a month but
obviously you can see kind of the growth
charts in them
on both of these sites that I actually
own or JB with other people as a quick
warning before we actually jump into
this strategy please please please do
not follow this strategy to the absolute
nook and cranny you need to optimize
this for your individual niche and site
I would also like to note that this
strategy is not set up for local SEO
sites so I will put a link down in the
description of this video below to go to
my local SEO guide which has a specific
link building strategy on there which
will cost you exactly zero dollars to
implement that link building strategy
for local SEO sites because generally
local SEO is a lot easier that being
said this strategy is extremely
effective when using affiliate niches
you can use it free commerce niches and
you can use it for your own personal
websites as well to try and rank for
national and possibly even international
keywords like we’ve done on the two
sites that I just showed you in those
examples for obvious reasons I’m not
going to be telling you exactly how many
links you should be building obviously
you have to do research based on your
industry site and niche to be another to
be able to know how many links you’re
going to need to outrank your
competitors if you check out my video I
did yesterday which I’ll put in the link
down below I’ll show you how to analyze
a niche and competing sites to be able
to know what it will take to actually
outrank them including links to be able
to find out how many links you will need
start rating them by their
that being said lectures jump straight
into week 1 & 2 which is all about
authority building all about getting
that trust straight into the site so the
first thing I do is build social
profiles things like Twitter Facebook
Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn anything
where you can really get a nofollow link
or an even a default link in some cases
such as Pinterest by getting a profile
up and ready as well as it gives the
extra traction or to get social signals
etc and you can use things like IFTTT or
buffer to syndicate posts and new new
pieces of content from your RSS feed
straight on to your social profiles
without having to continually go and
post them onto each one next up I do
some real blog comments these are
legitimate blog comments on real blogs
that industry blogs related to your
certs don’t go and hire some stupid
service that does this for you or hi
v—aids to go and do it do this
yourself because you’re wanting to write
actual comments they still help you
further down the line build
relationships with people so that if you
want to actually go and guest post on
that blog or potentially get those on
that industry blog then people have
already likely seen your name in their
comment sections when approving or
replying to you and next up I also want
to put supporting content straight into
place this is basically supporting
content not only helps your topical
relevancy to help your money pages
increase better but it also gives us
ways to spread your link building across
the site unfortunately you can’t be
building all of your links to your many
pages especially if it’s a brand new
site because you’re going to end up
getting over optimization penalized
penalties or Sun boxes which is going to
cause problems so you want to split the
links that you’re building across your
site and the best way to do this is by
supporting content writing related guest
posts and infographics etc that have
internal partial and exact match anchor
text links so that when you’re building
links to the supporting piece of content
those internal links help funnel the
link juice back to the money pages that
you are trying to rank week 3 and to
reach so which three to eight is all
about your juicy links all about
creating that juice straight to your
site so Tier one generally I’ll go a PP
ends and guest post a mixture of both
trying to kind of compensate one for
their PB ends is where you’re going to
be able to get your exact partial magic
set your keywords and guest post is
where you going to be able to get a bit
more white hat with your X texts and get
some more branded stuff as well as get
maybe some author buyer links straight
to your home page except without build
up the over
authority of your website tier two we’re
just going to use some states and
cheaper PBX a lot of the time you don’t
even need to use tier 2 links but I like
using them just in case you want to
power up your site that one step further
than everyone else then week 3 to 8 is
all about diversity so straight away
we’re going to be doing free link wins
reddit image of BuzzFeed etc Q&A; links
such as Yahoo Answers these are
brilliant not only to generate good
links on them but also generate traffic
when it comes to web 2.0 I don’t really
go overly overboard with these 2.0 s I
just try and build you know five or six
helped balance out the link profile
tactics and get some more links from
some other sources rather than just on
guest posts and PBM style sites when it
comes to contextual links next we have
high quality directories
do not do not go and buy a fiber package
of directories this is not going to do
anything for you individually purchase
directories if the can such as best of
the web such as giant and unfortunately
demos has recently announced that
they’re closing so you can’t get feature
on there anymore and then we next up
have high quality document chairs this
one is a bit of a mixture if you have
the time or money to invest into doing
this then create high-quality slide
documents high quality PDFs etc and
submit it to big sites like SlideShare
so that you can get some really solid
links from those kind of embeds inserts
which Google actually can index and
favor your site quite nicely next we’ve
got review links these kind of review
sites are basically things like review
trail they help you create a profile
page around your business and not only
will actually help you get a solid link
from them and a lot of the time these
links are due follow but it all started
trust signal and reputation management
when people come to search your side
because they see your site has a number
of stars in the search results for your
brand terms and finally if you can
afford it again infographic placements
and submissions just to further help get
those kinds of good diversity links
across the site diversity links are
really important you cannot just use PV
ends and guest posts otherwise you’re
going to get over optimization in your
link profiles which essentially means
that you have all of your sites all of
your links are coming from the exact
same kind of pages coming from
contextual WordPress etc kind of blogs
and that’s just not really good in
Google’s eyes you want to mix up your
link types your nofollow do follow ratio
and these help sort out your architect’s
ratio in the future as
that’s pretty much it for the first kind
of initial two months of link building
when you actually get to week nine and
onwards you want to just continue
building based on your current results
and my technique personally is I review
the pages that I have got from our money
pages see where they currently ranking
and review that kind of link profiles
versus the complexities that are in
number one and number two if the
competitor has ten more guest posts than
you then go out there and make twenty
especially if you’re not ranking as
highly don’t forget that link building
is not just the only thing when it comes
to this kind of stuff again if you
haven’t really seen it check out my
analysis video in the description down
below that will teach you how to analyze
not only the link profiles of your
competing sites in your niche but also
review the on-page as well I hope you
enjoyed this video
I’ve been Charles flow thanks for
watching subscribe for more you can
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